2018 Planner
Colour Me 2018!


Colour Me 2018!
Every week of this planner is brightened up by a colour theme. A scheme ranging from a Coral to a Cerulean Week, via an Azure to a Goldenrod Week. Get inspired by it and make your year colourful!

This year’s edition is bound in a new flexible way, allowing you to add or remove pages. It is printed on a new smooth and off-white paper that feels very pleasant to write on.

Each agenda comes with 3 rubber bands of different colours, allowing you to change it depending on your mood. As always, it contains additional pages for your personal notes, as well as lots of useful information, including holidays, world maps, conversion tables, monthly planners, culinary calendar…

Limited edition (800), English, 12x19cm, 152 pages, offset print on FSC-certified paper, cover flaps, lies flat when open, 3 coloured rubber bands included.