As a planner maker, we have established that I value routine, efficiency and simplicity. In our fast-moving world, many feel the same way and will do nearly anything to cut corners. But there are tremendous downsides to this. In today’s day and age, we have developed such a profound sense of waste in the name of efficiency. Look at all the single-use plastics that thrive on consumers cutting corners. The desire for efficiency has even informed the way we shop. We want everything to fall into our laps with greater ease and affordability, and it's easy to ignore the environmental consequences of this. Even if we are trying to make eco-conscious decisions, some companies will take advantage of consumers by advertising their products as more sustainable than they really are. This practice is known as greenwashing. It leads to the question if there truly is ethical and sustainable consumption.

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The eyeglass industry and waste

When small businesses have the imagination to redesign their process and approach to production to be more eco-friendly, we should support that. Take the eyeglass industry for example. We should incorporate eye exams into our annual routine. But do you need to replace your glasses every year? And if you choose to do so, is there a more sustainable way to change up your style? With the influx of online glasses stores, one can equate this industry to the fast fashion of eyewear. Many of these companies mass produce frames that are low quality while the process of manufacturing creates a lot of waste (think glass, plastic, metal, and water). What is the solution to this?

As a small business that values quality and sustainability, I always want to take the opportunity to support other businesses that meet these standards. Lunettes Selection is an example of a business that is creative and chic, yet sustainable.

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Visionary eyewear solutions from the Past

Lunettes Selection, a vintage eyewear shop located in Berlin, has a holistic worldview and believes that sometimes the best future solutions can be found by looking to the past. The most sustainable options out there are not the ones made with the latest technologies (although this is a noble cause.) Vintage glasses and sunglasses that have already been around for decades are the most effective future for sustainability. Lunettes Selection scouts for unworn vintage treasures to bring to their stores in Berlin, promoting the idea of buying less and buying better to reduce waste and carbon footprint.

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Their house brand, Lunettes Kollektion, is hand-finished in Northern Italy by small, family-run factories that have been around since 1878. The glasses are packaged using recycled materials and FSC-certified paper produced in Berlin, further reducing their carbon footprint. 

Lunettes Selection's philosophy and eco-minded, yet stylish approach extends to the furnishings in their stores. They effortlessly integrate vintage store fittings and modern antique furniture. Their ethical company culture with flat hierarchies and greater autonomy paired with their guiding principles include transparency, exquisite craftsmanship, and creative, sustainable products. By promoting the idea of buying less and buying better, Lunettes Selection aims to bring about positive change and help improve our shared future.

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Cheers, Julie