booq, purple-orange notebook


booq brings your productivity to the next level, with its innovative double-sided design. This unique notebook empowers you to seamlessly transition between structured planning and spontaneous creativity. Use one side to organize your thoughts with precision, then flip it over to explore new ideas and let your creativity run free. Whether you're mapping out schedules or unleashing your imagination, booq is the perfect companion for note-taking. While it excels in versatility, how you use it is entirely up to you. Crafted with premium materials and sustainable practices, this notebook ensures reliability in organization and sparks inspiration whenever you use it.

• 17x23 cm, 64 pages in total
• 32 pages with 2x2 frames 
• 32 pages with 10 mm grid paper
• Light grey print inside
• Stapled, lays flat when open
• Cover with strong structured paper
• Extremely smooth off-white paper inside
• Printed locally on EU Ecolabel and FSC® paper 
with mineral oil-free organic ink. Plastic free

Suggestion of use:  the 2x2 frames section can be used as a weekly planner or to write to-do lists. Flip it around and use the other side for longer notes, scribbles,…